Aptoide Download APK Android, iOS, PC App

Here is the dedicated website to get Aptoide Download for Android, iOS and PC. we have provided the official link to get Aptoide APK Download directly without any issues or problem. We will guide you through a detailed guide with information regarding the Download Aptoide for Android and the features that amaze the users and our readers.

Aptoide App is an application which actually relates to the app markets categories. It is another app store of a different and unique kind that gives access to several apps and Software tools to its users. If you are looking for a good app store for your Android, or iOS, or PC device, then this app store is what you really should have.

By definition of the Aptoide Download, you must have now understood that it is a basic app store to find apps and games through it. We know that the majority apps are made such that they integrate with the Android OS. This is because there are more Android users in the world. It is also a fact that Android OS is more reliable for compatibility of the apps.

Sustaining a large market for the whole Android OS legacy is not an easy work. The Google play Store being the official App Store also cannot handle all the Android compatible apps. Hence, for this reason, the rise of this Aptoide App market came into existence.

Aptoide APK Download for Android

Aptoide APK Download for Android

Specification of the app:Details:
Version Namev8.02
Download Size15.87 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0+
Features of AppEasily download the android apps
Types of apps availableFree & Premium Apps
Latest Update29th Jan 2017

This application will allow users to access other various apps and games that exist in the market for free. In this article here about Aptoide Download, we will provide you the link to download the file on your Android device. Before anything, you need to understand that the Aptoide APK compatibility is utmost important before carrying forward with the steps. Take a look at these first;

  • The Aptoide App requires Android version 4.0 and higher.
  • RAM of device shall be 1GB (recommended)
  • Free space on disk shall be around 100MB to avoid lag.

After cross checking these requirements, you will be free to move on with the procedure. For this, you will have to follow a series of few steps. Firstly, you need to prepare your device to accept the Aptoide APK file on your device and run its setup. To do this, you need to change few configuration settings of your device.

Here are the steps for it:

Click here to download Aptoide APK Official App.

  • Go to your device settings, followed by the “Application settings”
  • Look for the option of “Unknown Settings” and enable the option. Click on the check box to tick mark it and this will enable the option.
  • Save all the changes of the settings and leave the menu.

Do not get into worries as this changes will not harm your device at all. It is intended for the manual installation of your desired apps. Now, follow this next series of steps to download and install the Aptoide for Android file for the app market on your device.

  1. Please visiting the link of Aptoide APK Download here.
  2. Click on the APK file after it is downloaded and run it.
  3. If on clicking the Aptoide App file an error like “parse error” pops up then you will have to check the compatibility again or re-download the APK file on your device after restarting it first.
  4. When the description page opens up, click on the “install” tab.
  5. Next, you will have to wait for the installation process to complete.

Finally, after the installation is complete, you will be able to use the Aptoide Download App store easily for any amount of time you wish to. By following these steps carefully, you will be able to download and install the Aptoide App easily onto your Android device.

Aptoide Download for iOS

Aptoide iOS Download for iPhone:

Well, we have explained enough about the Aptoide APK download for the Android devices, isn’t it? Well, now we do not wish to disappoint our iOS device users so we will tell them about the application. Unfortunately, Aptoide iOS is not available in the iTunes App store for iPhone devices but you can use Tutuapp if you really want a good app market for iOS.

Be it the iPhone or the Mac OS PC, the iTunes App store does not authenticate the availability of another app store in it. Even we know that the norms and system integration of Apple’s iOS devices are really disruptive hence not easily compatible with foreign apps. There is no need to be disappointed as we’ve lined up this alternative that stands for the iOS devices.

We request iOS device users to try the Cydia App Store. It is also an app store that provides free apps to Jailbroken iOS device users. In order to have the Cydia app, you must use perform the Jailbreak on your iOS device. On your Jailbreak iOS device, you need to launch the Safari browser to get through the process. Then, use this link below to download the Cydia App store instead of Aptoide App on your iOS device.

Link to download Aptoide iOS for iPhone

When the page loads, select the “small box with an arrow pointing down to it” icon which is in the center of the browser. The file manager will ask for approval to install the application. You will have to accept the option there and wait till the Cydia Application is installed on your iOS device. Finally, you will then be able to use the Cydia app on your iOS device to get all the free apps and games.

Aptoide for PC devices

Aptoide Download for PC Windows 10/8.1/7:

Also, we can use the Aptoide APK market on the Windows PC device now. Firstly, let me explain to you why we may require the app or any other app on the PC device.

Well, we know that the PC devices offer more storage space with easy management of the files. It has better battery power and also holds more RAM compared to the mobile phones.

Guide to get Aptoide for PC Download

Furthermore, the PC devices have a better screen display as compared to the mobile devices for gaming and TV or video watching.

Hence, for all sorts of such reasons, we are going to elaborate the steps to download Aptoide for PC devices. The use of the Aptoide App market on your PC will allow you to access and download as well as install the applications onto your PC devices.

But, we do not have a straight .exe file installation method. We have to get this using the Android emulators to run the Aptoide APK on the PC device.

Android emulators are applications that allow its users to run Android APK files in the PC system and allow them to install it on them too. They provide a varied but common Android simulation for the app to extend its files so that the user can use the application and its services. Similarly, we will have to use one of these for the Aptoide Download.

If you have one on your device then its good, but if you don’t have one, then you will have to download it from the web. We have put up a recommendation of our own here for our readers. Use the link below to download the Bluestacks Application for the PC devices.

On clicking this link, the automatic download will begin. The file size is large (313MB) so it may take some time. Allow the application to download completely. Then click on the file to run its setup. You will see the “install” option there which you will have to click. Again, you will have to wait a little for the Bluestacks application to install onto your PC. Then, follow these steps to get the Aptoide App on your PC.

  1. When the installation of the Bluestacks is over, you will launch the application on your PC.
  2. The system will ask you to enter your Google Account details into it for use of the application’s search tools. Also, you will need the Gmail Account to authorize the purchases of the apps through Bluestacks.
  3. Then, download the Aptoide APK file of Android devices onto your PC device.
  4. If you’ve already downloaded it on your mobile then transfer it to your PC device.
  5. Right-click on it and then select the “Open with..” option.
  6. You will see a number of applications to perform this function but you will have to select the Bluestacks app.
  7. Finally, the “installation” authorization message will prompt up as soon as Bluestacks launches.
  8. Allow the installation to begin and wait for Aptoide App to install on it.

When the process completes, you will find the Aptoide for Android icon under the “All Apps” section of the Bluestacks application. For now, this is the only possible way to get the Aptoide Download on your PC devices. So, follow each step accordingly and enjoy your apps on your PC devices.

Aptoide App Alternatives

Download Aptoide App Alternatives:

You all may be knowing that no app is perfect by all means. We have all kinds of apps that claim to provide more but usually deliver less than sought. In terms of app markets too, we have a similar pattern. The Aptoide App is near to be perfect but yet has few flaws.

It has great features nut some may play against the app store itself. The Aptoide Download allows users to create their own app space and make use of it as a store to share their collection of apps with the other users. In such cases, there may be people who spread wrong apps or malware files to the app market. Since it is an open source market, it has good users and bad ones too who cannot be separated easily.

In such cases, the users would prefer to use the alternatives of the Aptoide APK on your device. We have incorporated a list of such amazing app stores that can be used for the same purpose as that of the Aptoide App market. Here is the list of the alternatives for our readers to consider;

Google Play Store:

The official app store for the Android devices is the Google Play Store. If a user is getting a free app from the Google Play Store, he can rely on its authenticity as the app store is completely legal.

There are no issues with apps from the app store. The Google Play Store market defines a protocol, therefore, it is least probable to have any problems with its apps. Although, users cannot get all apps free in it.

The premium versions of any apps are listed with their original prices on the app store for those who wish to upgrade their packages. Other than this, the Google Play Store is a good alternative to the Download Aptoide option.

Amazon App Store:

The Amazon App Store is another official app store that delivers free and premium apps to Android, iOS, and other platform users. The app store offers several free and other premium version apps along with special discounts and offers on some each day.

There is also one randomly free app every day from the premium section for its users. Using the “Test Drive” feature, users can first test what the games or app looks like and see a demo version.

All this will be before actually purchasing the app and downloading or installing it on your device. Unfortunately, the app store is only available to the users in the US.


This is also another app store which serves the same purpose as that of the Aptoide App. Moreover, the app store is based on the purpose to support different apps.

New apps on the Android platform which require the basic platform can be found here. The users will find loads of rated apps and they can choose from amongst them all.

SlideME allows users to opt other than the Aptoide APK Download and get this app market so that they always get new apps on their devices.

There are several more app store alternatives for the Aptoide App, for example, iTunes App Store, Apple Store, F-Droid, Mevvy, AppBrain, etc. You can use these suggestions or you can look for other options on the internet. We hope you find the right alternative soon to your Aptoide Download app store.

Aptoide TV APK

Download Aptoide TV APK:

In 2015, the official developers showcased their latest technology and run for apps on the SmartTV devices. With this, they also produced the set-top boxes of the market which would deliver the app market services to the users directly. Now, we will also provide you the Aptoide App TV APK which can be installed onto your SmartTV devices to search for apps from your TV devices.

This technology is termed as the Aptoide TV by the market. The AptoideTV App allows its users to browse for apps and games, download & install them onto the device and use the apps with updated features. Let’s take a look at the requirements to get this app:

  • Requires Android 4.0 version and higher.
  • Minimum RAM shall be about 1GB

After fulfilling the requirements successfully, click on the link below to Aptoide Download APK file on your device;

  • Download and install the Aptoide APK for your TV devices.
  • Make sure that before you install this application, you will have to set some application changes on your device.
  • These are the Unknown Sources enabling settings. We usually perform for the manual installation of any app on the Android devices.

With this, the Aptoide TV App will be ready for your to use on the SmartTV devices. Users will be able to search for apps and games directly on their TV device. The display will benefit by Free TV Streaming apps, video apps and also few gaming applications too.

Is Aptoide legal

Is Aptoide APK Download safe?

The question behind every user to some extent will pop up is that “is the Aptoide App Legal and Safe to use?” Well now, we’ve been in search of the answer ourselves and in the expert’s opinion, the outcome is rather, ravishing from their point of view.

We are glad to let you know that the Aptoide APK App market is completely legal for use. It can be shared with your friends and also can their services be shared. This means that the apps from Download Aptoide store are also safe to share. Since the application is open source, it is free for users to use of the application and its services.

Coming to the point of safety. As we had mentioned it above that there are few application developers who may wish to produce harm to the other user’s devices. Hence, only the fact that, in the open section of the apps, where any user can share his/her app, the point to be safe may come into a problem.

Although, most of the apps in this section are also checked by downloading and searching for any malware. Hence, to some extent the apps are safe but the Aptoide Store is definitely safe for users to come and use it.

Aptoide App features for Android

Features of Aptoide APK:

Well, most of the users have by now figured how does the app work. The steps for its download reveal a lot about the Aptoide App and how it can be managed. The Aptoide Download app has grown to be the best and most largest app store among the top Android app markets.

It is famous definitely and also reliable as much as the other app stores. The application has around 1billion users as of now and increasing this sum day by day. We will see some of the cool features of the Aptoide Download for Android store in this section of the article. Here are the points for the same;

  • The biggest highlight of the app store is that it delivers free apps and games to its users without hassle.
  • The users who wish to only download the apps and games do not need to create any account to log in to purchase them.
  • Unlike the Google App Store or the iTunes App Store, the Aptoide App download does not require the Google or Apple ID for registration of the user’s identity.
  • Only those who wish to create their own space on the app store to share apps have to create a separate login.
  • The Aptoide APK is free for access and use for your Android, iOS, and PC devices.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and layout is really simple for the user to browse through the app store.
  • The application also supports several languages for all users across the globe to use the app. There are inbuilt settings to change the app language and the default one is English.
  • Any user can share his/her apps on the Aptoide on Android if he/she wishes to. There is an open section for users to save their apps on the app market for other users to use. This way your app can also reach other users directly and you may also find new and different apps in the same way.
  • There are about 100,000 apps and games in the Aptoide Download Android for its users to choose from.
  • Furthermore, the users can find the previous versions of any app. They can download and install the app if they are still compatible with your device.

Hence, you can see that the application store Download Aptoide is such a boon for all its users. These features in it define the extent to which the developers have tailored such an app store.

We know that many of our readers will be excited by reading these features of the Aptoide App. So, execute the steps in this article and Aptoide Download App on your desired device.

If you faced any kind of problem or issued then please let me know about it directly with the help of comment section. Also, I think that you found it easy to download Aptoide APK on Android, I request you to stay updated with this blog as we will update more guides and tutorials very soon.

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