How to make sure your next smartphone receives the latest updates


Android can be frustrating at times. You are about to buy a new smartphone and remember that half of the world’s devices, more than a billion of them, have obsolete software. How can you buy a smartphone that has the best chance of receiving the latest version of Android? Do you want to know how to get Android Pie faster? Or even Android Q? We have some vital tips for you.

Check the history of the manufacturer’s series.

Do you want to know how to get Android Pie faster? Or even Android Q? Before making a purchase, search online for everything you want to know about the device. In addition to its configuration and complete reviews, you can also find production problems and specific information about how often the brand receives updates.

And do not assume that because a brand updates a device, it will update all of its smartphones; the opposite is true. It is much smarter to look up the update rate of a specific product line. For example, Samsung is much more likely to update its S line compared to its J line.

Verify the line history with other users.

Although it is important to verify a brand’s tradition of updating its devices, it is also crucial to see what users also say. Users generally want the latest version of Android and tend to call brands that are slow to update and praise those that update faster. Search online communities that follow the device or brand, and see what users say.

But you can also search for Facebook, Google+ or Telegram groups. Users often provide more accurate information than manufacturers, who always promise more than what they provide and who, despite official information, always update some devices.

Buy a flagship this year

Okay, we know that not everyone has money for it, but this is one of our most valid tips and should be taken into account. If you are the type of person who cares a lot about having a device as up-to-date as possible, it might be worth spending a little more and having a high-end smartphone.

It is also advisable to wait at least a month before buying a new device. This will allow you to learn more about it and its possible defects, and the price could also go down considerably. The best brands like Samsung, LG and Sony will receive at least one update and are more likely to also receive a second (and if you’re lucky, maybe even a third). Apart from that, they usually reach the market with the latest version of Android, which usually lacks cheaper lines.

Buy better-known brands with higher sales.

This is advice that may seem obvious, but that matters a lot. Many smaller companies launch only a few devices and have little or no concern about updating their products. These devices are usually generic, with designs that are purchased in China and then resold in other countries.

And, of course, these smaller companies may finish updating their smartphones, but the odds are always low. Go to brands like Sony, LG and Samsung (or Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google and Huawei), which will give you some assurance that you will receive an Android update. Just be sure to check the other items on this list as well.

Choose a pixel or Android One device

Here is a piece of advice that is a little less simple and may require some research. If you really want faster and more frequent updates on Android, it’s good to consider the devices that come with Android One or purely Android actions. See the article below for more detailed information.

Google’s line of pixels, for example, is always the first to get the latest version of Android, and this also applies to previous pixel models. So, if you can not buy a smartphone from the Pixel 3 range, consider a Pixel 2 or even the original Pixel.

Android One devices are also likely to get quick updates. Some inexpensive devices like the Motorola Moto X4 or the HTC U11 Life come with Android One. The new wave of smartphones from Nokia also includes many devices with Android One, including Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6, Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 8 Sirocco.


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