The battery of the ring adhesive cam is a smart star for home security


Ring, which achieved fame with its line of doorbells for video cameras, has begun to expand its line of intelligent security products. The latest additions to the product catalog come in the form of wireless splice cameras. We take a look at the Stick Up Cam battery to see if it would be a useful addition to your smart home.

Release date and price of Ring Stick Up Cam

There are three security cameras in the Stick Up Cam range, with the main difference between them in how they are fed. If you plan to use the camera in one place, the cable version is probably the best option. The version tested here is the battery variant, which is more portable. Both will cost you 199 euros in Europe. There is also a more expensive version, with solar energy, which costs 239 euros. In the USA One single Ring Stick, Up Cam battery costs $ 179.99, and multi-device packages are available.

There are some costs slightly hidden if you want to get the most out of your Ring camera, in the form of the company’s Protection Plans. The Basic plan is free, but you will not be able to store, review, share or download videos. For that, you will need one of the paid plans of Ring. The Basic Protection Plan is 3 euros per month or 30 euros per year and offers access to the recorded videos of each Ring, motion and live view event for up to 30 days. A Protect Plus plan, which costs 10 euros a month or 100 euros a year, also allows you to connect an unlimited amount of doorbell devices in a house. There is a 30-day free trial available, which I activated for the purpose of this review.

The Ring Stick Up cam battery is now available and can be purchased directly from the Ring website.

Quick and easy to set up

I like the design of the Ring Stick up Cams, which does not show all the round design that we see throughout the market. In my opinion, a security camera will never be an elegant addition to the decoration of your home, especially if you use it indoors, but Ring security devices are a little less flashy than most in the smart home scene, and that It can only be a good thing.

The Ring Stick Up Cam battery captures security images in 1080p HD and features a microphone and speaker for bidirectional communication. There is also adjustable motion detection and the camera itself has a field of view of 115 degrees horizontal and 65 degrees vertical. It is enough to capture most of a room of reasonable size if it is placed well enough.

All the tools for mounting the camera come in the box, including a drill, a set of screws and plastic plugs, a corresponding screwdriver and a micro-USB cable to charge the removable battery. It connects via Wi-Fi, so you should have a decent connection in your home. If you are using this in your garden, make sure it is within range when you set it up.

Speaking about the configuration, this is one of Ring’s strengths over rivals, such as Relink. The configuration is fully automatic and is done through your smartphone in the Ring application, which you can obtain from the Play Store. Scan a QR code under the battery cover and the Ring application will recognize your device. Your phone and your camera connected to the same Wi-Fi connection, and magic just happens. Once it is up and running, you can monitor your Stick up Cam from your smartphone. I used it in the office and at home, and setting it up was very easy when changing locations.

The Ring application is the star of the show.

One of the most important reasons why consumers buy these security cameras is to monitor their property when they are not there. This is where motion detection is really useful. It does not take much to activate the motion sensor with the slider at 50%. However, there are many possibilities for adjustments here, not only in terms of sensitivity but also in terms of the range of motion in the field of view that can cause the camera to start recording.

You can also set it up with a live view of the active camera, which is really good. It is particularly useful when you use the camera in an area where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic at the edge of your field of view that could cause non-stop motion alerts. The quality of the image is about what you would expect from 1080p HD and more than enough for security purposes.

The Ring application is probably the best thing about this security camera. It is fast, easy to use and with many functions. There are a lot of settings there to modify the timeline that you create when you activate and record the movement so that it is really easy to scroll through the images. I never felt the need to see full minutes of images trying to find what I was looking for. I imagine it would be a very useful center if I had several ring devices connected at the same time. The complete marks distributed here.

The power of the Stick Up cam is provided by a lithium-ion battery. No information is provided about the actual size of the battery in mAh, but a micro USB port is rechargeable. You’ll have to remove it to do so (it opens with a quick-release clip) and Ring suggests that if you do not want to have any space in your security source, you’ll get a second that you can use while the other one is loading.

Finally, the biggest drawback of this camera is that there is no way to record video sequences locally on a microSD card. You rely entirely on Ring servers and those premium Protect plans to take ownership of your own security images.

Rechargeable battery that’s impossible to quantify

As always with these products, the battery life is almost impossible to measure accurately. It depends on how much action your cameras witness. I left this in our editorial office for a week and exhausted the battery from 100% to 45%, but that is with almost constant motion and recording for 8 to 10 hours a day.


I really like the Ruing Stick Up Cam Battery. Probably the easiest Wi-Fi camera I’ve used in terms of configuration, and the Ring application is easily one of the best (if not the only) best security camera on the market today. The only real drawback of this smart home product is the cost, not only the initial cost but also the fact that you really need an additional plan to make the most of what you can do.


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