Jeff Bezos unveiled Blue Moon; A lunar lander to take astronauts to the Moon in 2024.


Jeff Bezos, the founder of the Blue Origin rocket company, unveiled a model of a lunar landing craft on Thursday as he discussed the mission to the moon. Bezos told the audience that the lander would be able to deliver payloads to the surface of the moon to four smaller rovers and also fire satellites to orbit around the moon, which included NASA officials and potential clients. the blue moon

During his one-hour presentation at the Washington Convention Center, Bezos waved his arm, and a black curtain behind him fell to reveal the model of the two-story landing vehicle, which said it could deploy up to four smaller vehicles and shoot satellites to orbit the moon.

At the event, Jeff Bezos took the stage to address selected members of executives, government officials, the media and a gang of high school students to reveal new details of his plan to reach the Moon by 2024. During his On presentation, Bezos revealed a model of one of the proposed rovers that were roughly the size of a golf cart and introduced a new rocket engine called BE-7, which can shoot 10,000 pounds (4,535 kg) of thrust.

The vice president of the USA US, Mike Pence, asked NASA in March to use “all necessary means” to place US astronauts on a space station in lunar orbit and, finally, at the Moon’s the South Pole by 2024.

For three years, Blue Moon was in development and Bezos said that the largest variant of the lander could take Americans to the moon as soon as possible by 2024. He will take the vehicle that could perform scientific missions and shoot small satellites.

The company of Bezos is in every trigger to compete. It is also building a larger rocket, New Glenn, that will compete with orbital class rockets such as the SpaceX Falcon 9 that is able to deliver commercial satellites and other large payloads in orbit. It is clear that Blue Origin is rapidly expanding its presence at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where it is manufacturing New Glenn on land leased to NASA. The first launch of the big Blue Origin rocket could arrive in 2021.


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