“Ok Google” does not work? Here is how to fix it



It was assumed that the Google Assistant would help us all to exist in a futuristic utopia in which we had our assistants available permanently in our pockets. But this is real life, not science fiction and sometimes the best technology just does not work. Some Android users have discovered that the function simply left them repeating the phrase “Ok Google” over and over again on a phone that does not respond, undoubtedly causing strange appearances in the process.

But do not despair at the moment, there are some simple solutions that you can prove that should make the speech recognition software work and keep your thumbs free of the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Check if you’re not alone

I can be good to know when the problem is on Google’s side instead of yours. Check the support forums of Twitter, Reddit and Google to see if other users complain that the voice detection “OK Google” and “Hey Google” has stopped working on their phones.

Sometimes, the most common solution, simply to retrain the voice matching to correct the correct detection of Google, does not work because the options to do it in the configuration appear in gray. In this case, when you have made the options detailed below, you only have to wait for Google to launch a solution. Be careful, Google does not always announce these corrections promptly, so monitor online communities.

Check your language settings

If the Google Assistant does not respond to you, it may be because you are speaking the wrong language. The English of EE. UU It will be the default language for many users, but it is still worth checking the Configuration menu and modifying it as necessary. To do this, go to the Google application and then to your main menu, then go to Settings> Voice (in Search), and then select the appropriate languages ​​in the Voice menu.

There you will see dozens of language options, each with a checkbox, so you can configure the primary and secondary languages ​​if you wish. Google will automatically detect which language is speaking and will automatically switch between them. If it is multilingual, keep in mind that voice recognition for languages ​​other than English can sometimes be unsatisfactory.

Updating your language pack can also solve your problem. From the same voice menu, go to Voice Recognition Offline and download or update your English language pack (US).

Check the microphone on your device

As a voice-based system, the Google Assistant relies on uninterrupted access to your smartphone’s microphone. When you open the Google application, the microphone icon on the right side of the search bar should appear in bold, with completely formed lines. If you have a dotted line, you may have a problem with your microphone.

This may be due to debris in the small hole in the microphone that is often next to the charging port. Be careful with a safety pin or something similar to fix it and it will often fix the problem. If that does not work, check the microphone settings inside the Google application.

Occasionally, applications that run in the background make noises that can interfere with the microphone that captures your voice, so check them as well, and close any that you think may be making noise.

Turn off S Voice or Bixby if you have a Samsung

Although there is no clear reason why it seems that Google Assistant is not always compatible with Bixby (or the old S Voice application) on Samsung phones. If you have a Samsung with Bixby or S Voice installed and you prefer to use the Google voice assistant, your best option could be to disable Bixby or S Voice on your device completely. To do this, simply locate the application icon for S Voice or Bixby and then keep it pressed and select Disable.

Rule out all the simple fixes

This may indicate the obvious, but the Google Assistant needs Wi-Fi or mobile data to work, so make sure your device is connected before attempting a search. Also, and this is probably the oldest advice in the book, it never hurts to do a quick reboot, sometimes the magic really happens. And last but not least, verify that the “Ok Google” detection is enabled. To do this, open the Google application and then its main menu, then go to Settings> Voice (in Search)> Detection of “Pairing voice”. From there, activate the function.

Retrain the voice model “Ok Google”

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, Google Assistant does not keep the commands you have given it. If all else fails, it might be time to retrain your digital partner.

  1. Open Settings > Google >Search > Voice
  2. Make sure that access with Voice Match is toggled on
  3. From there, tap Retrain voice model and repeat “OK Google” and “Hey Google” when prompted.
  4. The assistant should once more respond to your voice as normal.


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